AMERICANS: We are tired of struggling in a country where we have so much, yet give our people so little. Budget cuts are being made everywhere. We are less and less: FOR THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, it is not about the people anymore, just like T.V. isn't about Quality only ratings. This is my space, this is my quality, hopes, fears, and dreams, my stories I share with you.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

"I wait in silence all around me pleading to be let in. Please open it, open it and read. Let it fill you with who she is. I sit staring at the moon. I have always dreamed about sitting in a window seat staring through a window contemplating life with some one standing behind me, someone to comfort me, see me, and understand me. The want and need to be completely understood. I keep telling myself I am full of delusion. This human being, me, still I create stories with words, poetry, moments hoping that someone will pick up the books, read them, and connect. I yearn for each one of us to connect, and never look back."-Angela K. Crandall (Arcadia)
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Thursday, May 08, 2014

I am, me be, who you?

Each step, each process, each moment, is one of greatness. I have asked for nothing less.-Arcadia (Angela K. Crandall)

Thursday, May 01, 2014

corporations, the right to work, and all that BS

I get tired of nothing changing, or things getting worse and people pretending everything is fine around them. These are those that accept the box people are placing them in, closing it, and putting on the scotch tape as they watch us suffocate telling us to be grateful for what we have as they pull piece by piece away of what is left. Arcadia A.K.A. Subdefective Gilmore

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

"The Dream inside the Darkness." By Angela Crandall

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Saturday, February 09, 2013

Pieces, bits, life

Life is taking bits of spice from different places and spreading them around to create wonderful recipes of goodness. It doesn't matter if it is food, friends, or animal creatures that are mixed up to make life incredible. It is the placement of the materials, the way that you use words, or exotic artful thoughtful felt out parts used to make a collage that has never been seen before, or new concepts that make others see things a skewed unlike what they have experienced before, something beyond themselves into new unexplored territories, or idea's other seek to stray from, to deny themselves based on society's acceptance vs. what we want out of life.-Aracadia

Monday, February 01, 2010

Good Candy gone bad, and bra's.

I've been reading many blogs about the change of Necco Wafers Candy. I too am very disappointed that this has happened. I guess I should know that nothing old ever lasts in this Century change is inevitable. I have one objection. Why can't we have both? What is wrong with allowing those people who liked the older style of Necco Wafers to be able to purchase them. I of coarse understand the change with the all natural, but to take the candy hearts and make only the new versions? It is not a consumer's dream. It is like my grandmother going into a store to buy her favorite bra that just won't fit. It is not comfortable, or familiar. What it is is annoying. I know not a great analogy, but that is what I compare it to. Candy, and Bra's. Candy is suppose to be enjoyment and give you a relaxed feeling. Bra's are suppose to provide support. A candy supports you when it is there in times of a mood lifter. They are to support you in a different way. This candy at least in the shape of a heart no longer does that for me. As for bra's my brand of Hanes also got slapped away so as soon as I come home it usually gets whipped to the side of my bed. Don't even get me started on under wires. Yes, some change is good, but this leaves me nothing but shamed.-ARCADIA

Thursday, August 06, 2009


Oh it has been eons since I have visited this site where I never even expected anyone to read anything I wrote. It was just for me, mostly. Now there are so many sites like myspace, and face book along with tons of other places in which you can let out your aggressions with artistic, intricate, syllables, a tap of a keyboard, mouse, ect. hmmm sometimes all the knowledge just makes me tired, and other times I think damn I have gotten so far behind since I left college two years ago. Now normal life kind of feels like a bummer. I mean it's great having my own home, two cats, a dog, and a wonderful husband, but nothing is perfection in this life, and gremilins do creep up on you at times. What makes me smile is that Madonna came to Traverse City! I went and saw her at the film festival last year aug 2008, and Novemeber I went to her Sticky and Sweet tour concert, and now she is coming out with a new Greatest album "Celebration" and I am alive. So I am trying to be very positive about my life even when I feel plain. I have a lot of names I like such as Anchilada, Arcadia, HopeMadonna that are all relivant to my life. People seem to come and go at the drop of a hat, spear of a dime, like a shooting star that you cannot keep attached for to long only seconds. Hope stays near, and madonna in my heart. Family is important, but not all family wants to be there, or can be for that matter. It's like wishing people could just agree to disagree for once, and accept our differences instead of trying to change everyone.
~Arcadia, Anchilda, Hopemadonna~ Why don't you pick my alter ego for today?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Silence in a tired State

Quickly quietly Calm

without emotion

dully sitting


reflecting extended




Former self

fluffing, prepping, preparing

forward drives

en taking

Presence, to be there,
emoting out what strength
we have left
undisciplined fools
open engagement
of hope.